RT Day 13

A small incident occured at National Cancer Center today. When I was waiting for the Grab driver at the corner of the taxi stand drinking a cup hot Milo. Suddenly a woman knock on me hardly on my shoulder and I say “ahh” as my milo is spilling. I stabilise myself and the cup and I look up. Instead of a apologetic look or a sorry, she gave me a dead stare and walk away like nothing happen. I can see that she is a young chemo patient (30s to 40) but doesn’t mean that you can be so rude as u wish. I was standing at the corner next to dustbin and I didn’t block anyone and I feel so stun and think how come this person react this way. Haiz.

I think people in Sg need to learn how to relax. I don’t know whether she is Singaporean too. By the way she knock my shoulder, maybe not. Even if you are sick, u shldnt take advantage that people will alway give in. She is lucky that I am not in an foul mood but I was tired after Long fast for CT scan with MRI and RT and I just want to enjoy the cup of Milo with peace. haiz tsk Tsk

but at least something nice happens today. Thanks for my friends for the flowers. 🙂image

#radiationtherapy #unhappyincident #Milo #stressfulpatient #rudechemopatient

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