RT21 – Tumour Shrink

Aside from the ridiculous UBER ride this morning, good news is the Adenoid cystic carcinoma tumor has shrunk. Eye alignment improved but only radiation tann on side of my face. The MRI on the left is the result after 13 times of Radiation Therapy session and the one on The right show what is before the treatment. Hopefully I can have both sight at the end of 35 sessions. #FannyfightingCancer #AdenoidCysticCarcinoma #RadiationTherapyIMG_3274

RT Day 13

A small incident occured at National┬áCancer Center today. When I was waiting for the Grab driver at the corner of the taxi stand drinking a cup hot Milo. Suddenly a woman knock on me hardly on my shoulder and I say “ahh” as my milo is spilling. I stabilise myself and the cup and I look up. Instead of a apologetic look or a sorry, she gave me a dead stare and walk away like nothing happen. I can see that she is a young chemo patient (30s to 40) but doesn’t mean that you can be so rude as u wish. I was standing at the corner next to dustbin and I didn’t block anyone and I feel so stun and think how come this person react this way. Haiz.

I think people in Sg need to learn how to relax. I don’t know whether she is Singaporean too. By the way she knock my shoulder, maybe not. Even if you are sick, u shldnt take advantage that people will alway give in. She is lucky that I am not in an foul mood but I was tired after Long fast for CT scan with MRI and RT and I just want to enjoy the cup of Milo with peace. haiz tsk Tsk

but at least something nice happens today. Thanks for my friends for the flowers. ­čÖéimage

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