Buying enough Insurance

RT Day 4

I am Glad that I still feeling normal. I can eat, watch Tv and plays with my kids. Lots of kind regards from my Long lost friends and people who I just met. Thank you

Today, My diligent financial planner, Louis  who helps me to sought out my receipt to claim from Aviva. He is a AXA financial planner by the way and he work the extra miles to help me to made sure I claim correctly from AViva too for my medi shield. In Singapore, there is something called CPF (Central provisional funds) which deduct your salary monthly (at least 20%)  to save for your future medical and retirement fund. Your medical fund is called Medisave and you can buy insurance for that. A brilliant government what force you to save no matter what. Make sure you are independent and they don’t have to worry so much about you later on (at the point of retirement) as they have too many issues to settle. Super practical

A piece of advise, get a good financial planner. I take on Medisave insurance from DBS Aviva more than 12 years ago in their Suntec City branch. As there is no financial planner allocated, I didn’t know that I can upgrade with rider later on with better benefits. Who knows I need it now.  I happens to know Louis 4 years ago when I was expecting elder son but I didn’t mention to him about Aviva insurance detail. He also ask me whether I wanted to increase my coverage but I didn’t do so due to my Super hectic schedule.;( WHAT a wrong move. Please do not be like me and assume you are Super healthy at the time being and you should be fine later on as you do not have any family medical history. My mum is Super Healthy by the way. She is 70 and she hardly fall sick. She is having good blood pressure and Low diabetic reading like people in their 50s.

In Chinese, there is a phase “早知道” (if I know earlier ).  Hence, better look for your agent now if you have one and check what you buy in detail. At least cover your critical illness with 1 to 2 years of your salary just in case. If you are like me who buys from Aviva or have no Financial Planner at all. You might want to try to look for Louis. A nice guy that help. I didn’t mean that Aviva is not good, it is better to have Planner to help. I was to told submit the claim online by Aviva. Lucky with Louis’s help, I don’t have to go thru the hassle and  full of”  ???” to fill in the forms and SOP to follow, it looks troublesome and complicated to Lay man like me. image

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